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Straylight (Original Game Soundtrack) - 88bit (1xLP Vinyl Record)


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With the soundtrack to STRAYLIGHT, players are treated to completely original, progressive synthwave tunes by award-winning composer, songwriter and VGM artist, Rob Kovacs aka 88bit. Combining modern audio technology with specially crafted sounds from a classic Prophet 5 synthesizer, the STRAYLIGHT score creates a truly out-of-this-world experience.

STRAYLIGHT began as a Global Game Jam project five years ago where two game developers and three filmmakers came together to make a new VR game focusing on comfortable movement allowing players to experience flying. Kovacs as part of the film team was brought on to score the game. Only knowing the concept of the game and one simple graphic, Kovacs was tasked with composing and recording a track in two days that would reflect the player’s experience of floating and flying in VR space for the first time. Using a vintage Prophet 5 synth, he created the STRAYLIGHT title track - a slow-developing and ungrounded synthwave track, that is reflective of the unique experience that is the STRAYLIGHT game.

Pre-order, ships 2024. Layout, colors, and tracklist subject to change. 

Composed, performed and recorded by Rob Kovacs
Mixed by Rob Kovacs and Rob Anderson
Mastered by Rob Anderson
Rob Kovacs under exclusive license to Emperia Records, a division of Emperia Sound and Music, Inc. d/b/a Emperia Music Group
© 2023

Track List
  1. Platform 0:02:10
  2. The Frozen Isles 0:05:22
  3. The Endless Dungeon 0:01:57
  4. The Forest Isles 0:03:25
  5. The Isle of Fire 0:04:06
  6. A Pirate's Cave 0:04:46
  7. The Rogue Isles 0:03:46
  8. Battle on the Rogue Seas 0:05:08
  9. The Jungle Arena 0:04:10
  10. First Blood Drawn 0:06:24

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