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3x3 Eyes: Legend Of The Divine Demon (Original Soundtrack) - Kaoru Wada (1xLP Vinyl Record)


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Kaoru Wada’s early heartwarming masterpiece to 3×3 EYES: Legend of the Divine Demon is finally on vinyl for the first time ever! 3×3 EYES: Legend of the Divine Demon is available in the TLV web shop exclusive of blue with inner brown, and brown marbled vinyl. Cut at 45rpm. Licensed from Kodansha and King Records.

Track List
  1. Main Theme
  2. In The Himalayas
  3. A Sunny Place
  4. Reunion – Yakumo And Pai
  5. Awakening I
  6. Demon Carving
  7. Love Theme
  8. Doll Gone Mad
  9. Lady Assault
  10. Merciless Truth – Love Theme
  11. Awakening II
  12. Departure

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