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Agatha Christie - Murder on the Orient Express (Original Game Soundtrack) - Jean-Luc Brianço (1xLP Vinyl Record)


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A crime is committed on board the Orient-Express. Hercule Poirot, during this trip, turns out to be surrounded by a group of singular characters, all suspects, each with their own secrets and motivations, and will then try to elucidate the murder that has just taken place. An original soundtrack composed by Jean-Luc Briançon (Abigoba, Kurtz Mindfields), assisted by Roman Perreton and surrounded by many guests at Studio Nuage7. This album, navigates between various styles: from the symphony orchestra to jazz, world music or through progressive rock. This soundtrack is colored with mysteries, suspense and other cinematic atmospheres in order to embark you irresistibly on this Orient Express until the end of the journey...

Track List

  1. Main Theme (Feat. Raphaêl Minfray, Martin Drozd & Franck Boutin-Albrand)
  2. Istanbul Station (Feat. Franck Boutin-Albrand)
  3. Cabin Secrets
  4. Midnight Intrigue
  5. Twistd Alibis (Feat. Franck Boutin-Albrand)
  6. Departure
  7. Jazz Quartet (Feat. Nora Kamm)
  8. Hidden Truth (Feat. Franck Boutin-Albrand)
  9. The Detective's Dilemma (Feat. Nora Kamm)
  10. Clandestine Meetings (Feat. Martin Drozd)

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