All Sounds of Gdleen - (1xLP Vinyl Record)


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Taken from classic JRPG “Gdleen” (1991) is “All Sounds of Gdleen”, a brand-new compilation showcasing Gdleen’s breathtaking soundtrack. With Yoh Ooyama of progressive rock band ASTURIAS at the helm, this quickly became one of the most renowned video game soundtracks of the 90s. Quirky electronic beats and midi brass fanfare combine with that iconic chiptune tone to create lush soundscapes, from the pastoral melodies of “Lulua Forest" to the sinister arpeggios of “Ancient Ruins – Ruins of Grande”. With Ohyama himself returning to re-record lost tracks, this record is sure to be worthy of the Gdleen name. Don’t miss this first ever pressing of All Sounds of Gdleen on limited edition vinyl, exclusively from P-VINE Records!

Originally released in 1991, Gdleen, or Artificial Planet Gdleen, tells the story of Ryu, a spaceship captain who finds himself stuck on a mysterious, mechanical alien planet: Gdleen. Ryu quickly discovers that the planet is in the center of an intergalactic conflict between an invading tribe of superpowered aliens and Gdleen’s very creators! Together with the fairy Fana, Ryu must resolve a conflict that extends back millenia, to save himself and return to Earth. Along the way, he encounters more fairies, new friends, and plenty of foes in a classic Final Fantasy style JRPG.

Composers: Yoh Ohyama, Toshimichi Isoe, Haruhiko Tsuda
Arrangers: Hitoshi Sakimoto, Tenpei Sato, Naoto Niida

Track List
  1. 悠久の時の流れ〜オープニング (Title)
  2. ルルアの森 (Field 1 - Forest of Lulua)
  3. 水宮の廃墟 (Ruin of Water Palace)
  4. 妖精ファナ〜ファナの泉 (Fana)
  5. 戦乱〜ハヴァリスとマイヨール (Encampments)
  6. 時の扉を越えて〜ガヴァナー神殿 (Gavanar Temple in Lulu)
  7. エウラドーナ (Field 2 - Euradona)
  8. エドナの都 (Edna)
  9. 魔道士タオ・ホー〜東の都にて (Boss Battle)
  10. 古の遺跡〜グランデの廃墟 (Ruin of Grande)
  11. エウレス (Eules)
  12. 戦士たちの休息 (Inn)
  13. 魂のやすらぎ (Holy Temple)
  14. ルーナ〜太陽の神殿 (Temple of Sun)
  15. ヨーレの村 (Yool Village)
  16. 無限の闇を巡る〜ダンジョン (Gavanar Temple in Edna)
  17. リゴルドの闘技場 (Place for Duel)
  18. 中央制御室 (Final Dungeon)
  19. 最後の戦い〜暗黒神ズール (Battle with Zuul)
  20. 悠久の時の流れ〜エンディング (Ending)
  21. 悠久の時の流れ〜プロローグ(ボーナストラック)(Prologue (Bonus Track))
  22. 戦闘(ボーナストラック)(Battle (Bonus Track))
  23. 水宮の廃墟外観(ボーナストラック)(Ruin of Water Palace 2 (Bonus Track))
  24. ファナの水浴び(ボーナストラック)(Fana in the Water(Bonus Track))
  25. 時の門(ボーナストラック)(Gate of Time (Bonus Track))

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