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Animal Crossing (Nintendo Soundtrack): Totakeke Music Instrumental Selection (1xLP Vinyl Record)


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The Nintendo Switch game Atsumare: Animal Crossing is about moving to a deserted island and living a carefree life with animals.

In addition to 18 songs selected from the Instrumental version of Totakeke Music, an arranged version of ‘’Hazure 02’’ will be included as a bonus track, with the A-side featuring an upper-range song and the B-side featuring a selection of chill-out songs to relax to.

Imported from Japan via Nippon Columbia.

Track List
  1. Keke Idol
  2. Eurobeat
  3. Drum n bass
  4. Urban Keke
  5. Keke Pop
  6. Keke House
  7. Keke Break
  8. Keke Break
  9. Keke Groove
  10. Keke Lloyd
  11. Chill Wave
  12. Keketronica
  13. Keke Dub
  14. Keke Lovers
  15. Keke Bashment
  16. Drive
  17. Keke Bossa
  18. Minna Atsumare
  19. Hazure 02 City & Pop Version (Bonus Track)

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