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ANNO: Mutationem (Original Soundtrack Selections) - Vanguard Sound (2xLP Record)


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Are you ready for fierce action and adventure, desire, and adrenaline?

Very Okay Vinyl is serving it hot with the ANNO: Mutationem soundtrack, music to The Thinking Stars game released in 2022.

This compilation brings it all: powerful electronica, a little sexy jazz and some deep techno beats. Feel the pulse of the undercity and the thrill of the hunt as Ann Flores displays her lethal skill set and ample weapons when she cuts down any enemy who dares step in her path. Immerse yourself in the sublime edgy sounds of ANNO: Mutationem - you won't want to leave.

Track List

Side A
  1. Anno Muationem
  2. Skopp
  3. Simulator
  4. Margaritia
  5. The Outcasts' Sanctuary

Side B
  1. Rum And Coke
  2. Rooftop
  3. Water Channel
  4. Absalom
  5. Here They Come

Side C
  1. Mother Grub
  2. Harbour Town
  3. The Arena
  4. Someday
  5. Alone

Side D
  1. TR Mega Mecha
  2. Ephantom
  3. Nidhogg
  4. Last Strike
  5. Synthetic Life

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