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Arkanoid: Eternal Battle (Original Game Soundtrack) - Xavier Thiry (1xLP Vinyl Record)


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The timeless brick breaker is back in a completely modernized version! Composed by Xavier Thiry, the game's original soundtrack is adaptive and progressive, and fits perfectly into the game experience offered. Xavier Thiry is a composer, director and producer working in the worlds of music, TV, advertising and cinema. He has worked on many soundtracks for Pastagames, but also Arte, Darjeeling, DotEmu, Arkedo, and many others. The Arkanoid Eternal Battle soundtrack is his first original creation for Microids.


Track List
  1. Arkanoid Theme
  2. Battle Royale, Pts. 1-4
  3. Lobby
  4. Only
  5. Doh Fight

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