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Art of Fighting II: The Definitive Soundtrack - SNK NEO Sound Orchestra (Compact Disc)


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Released in 1994, ART OF FIGHTING 2 was a tremendous leap forward for SNK fighting games and for the industry as a whole, featuring improved graphics and sound, and new iconic characters that are an integral part of the multi-franchise SNK cast.

ART OF FIGHTING 2 The Definitive Soundtrack features the entirety of the original music remastered and restored to the highest possible quality, in collaboration and consultation with SNK and the original composers of NEO Sound Orchestra. The CD and vinyl feature artwork from the SNK archives by the legendary illustrator Shinkiro, in addition to in-depth liner notes by Greg Kasavin of Supergiant Games and development interviews with SNK members Yasuyuki Oda, Youichiro Soeda and Nobuyuki Kuroki.


Track List:
  1. Theme Of Art Of Fighting 2 (Title)
  2. I Chose This One (Player Select)
  3. The Horse And Me (Ryo Sakazaki BGM)
  4. Ferrari Man (Robert Start Demo)
  5. Swing The House (Robert Garcia BGM)
  6. Gang (Jack Turner BGM)
  7. Chinese Old Man -Neo Asian Mix- (Lee Pai Long BGM)
  8. The Pumpkin And The Clown (King BGM)
  9. Towards Glory (Mickey Start Demo)
  10. Prelude To Glory (Mickey Rogers BGM)
  11. Bonus Game (Bonus M.E. ~ Bonus Select)
  12. Acquisition (Bonus Success) ~ Again, In The Next Chance (Bonus Failure)
  13. Initiation To The Super Special Moves (Old Temple ~ Old Factory)
  14. Nature (Energy Enhancement Screen) ~ 100-Man Kumite
  15. Next Stage (Movement Map Screen)
  16. Mustang Man (John Crawley BGM)
  17. The Way Of The Shinobi (Eiji Kisaragi BGM)
  18. Foghorn (Temjim BGM)
  19. Diet (Yuri Sakazaki BGM)
  20. Master (Takuma Sakazaki BGM)
  21. Blue Moon Factory -Oh Oh Big Mix- (Mr.Big BGM)
  22. Commissioner (Geese Taking Demo)
  23. Huh? Geese (Geese Appearance Demo)
  24. A Kiss For Geese -Cyber Edit- (Geese Howard BGM)
  25. Towards "Fatal Fury" (Geese Escape Demo)
  26. Let's Meet In "Fatal Fury" (Geese Epilogue)
  27. Bright, Enjoyable (Ryo, Robert, Yuri, Temjin Ending)
  28. Ambition (Jack, Big Ending)
  29. Here Is A New Medicine (Lee Ending)
  30. A New... (Mickey, John Ending)
  31. The Way Of Fighting (Kisaragi Ending)
  32. Hope (King, Takuma Ending)
  33. Too Long!! (Staff Roll)
  34. Continue ~ Game Over

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