Atebite and the Warring Nations - Disasterpeace (Compact Disc)


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CD in jewel case. Limited to 1000 units. 

"In an age that is not our own, a young boy lives a life of peace amongst his brethren in quaint Neutral Town. Little does he know that tragedy has already struck as he sleeps. Many important decisions lie ahead, and a young boy will become a man in the process. Beyond the gates of his humble life exist two mighty civilizations flying under opposing flags. They are dueling for the ultimate power: the means to emplace the order that they so choose. Atebite will have to make a decision. Will he choose Plaid, or Argyle? Which will you choose? Press Start."

Disasterpeace's first official release, from 2006, is a journey into the past, inspired by the music and soundtracks that accompany 8-bit video games of the 80's; Atebite and the Warring Nations is a tale narrated only by the sounds of our childhood. Disasterpeace (Rich Vreeland) is an American musician and composer originally from the Staten Island section of New York City. He draws heavily from the influences of his favorite musicians and composers, the audio aesthetic of retro video game soundchips, and his music studies to create instrumental music that varies in scope, structure, tonality, meter, timbre and theme. His music is often conceived while playing guitar and piano, humming melodies and clacking rhythms on the ends of his teeth. 

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