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Aurora - Dust: An Elysian Tail (Piano Selections)


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It's the 8th anniversary of Dust: An Elysian Tail, an indie Metroidvania/action RPG that took the world by storm. Behind the scenes, we've been hard at work on a Dust sheet music book for intermediate pianists! It's not out yet, but to celebrate the game's anniversary, we're releasing three preview tracks so you don't have to wait.

Notes from the arranger:
This is one of many tracks in the game with a lot of layers and choosing how to arrange them for solo piano meant I had to ask for some effort from the player. In mm. 16-18 you'll feel two different rhythms for each of your hands. (A great intro to polyrhythms!) There will also be some demanding fingering for mm. 20-27, but those fourths really capture the feeling of the village of Aurora. Take your time with both the opening and the closing of this tune. It's meant to be felt more than it is to be counted!

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