Behind the Frame (Original Soundtrack) - Yuchain Wang & Sung Yueh Chou (1xLP Vinyl Soundtrack)


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Equal parts whimsical and contemplative, the music of developer Silver Lining Studio’s Behind the Frame paints a complete portrait of a young artist’s life, rife with its fair share of both happy greetings and melancholy goodbyes. 

iam8bit presents that sentimental soundtrack on pink and yellow two-toned vinyl, in collaboration with publisher Akupara Games. Special care has been given to the record’s presentation, featuring album art from the developers themselves and a disc design reminiscent of a nostalgic sunset over a golden field of wheat. This album is truly a true testament to Behind the Frame’s thoughtful, art-forward design. 

Track List


  1. An Old New Day
  2. Sunset Waltz
  3. Cat's Swing
  4. Sunken Leisure
  5. The Faithful Companion
  6. Colors Fading


  1. Amber and Jack
  2. Memories of Colors
  3. Farewell
  4. Beyond the Frame
  5. The Color You Love the Most
  6. The Color You Love the Most (Instrumental)

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