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Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night - The Definitive Soundtrack (4xLP Vinyl)


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Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, spearheaded by legendary game creator Koji Igarashi, was released in June 2019 to critical success. One highly rated element of the game was its melodic, moody and catchy music, composed by Michiru Yamane, along with Keisuke Ito, Ryusuke Fujioka, Atsuhiro Ishizuna and Ippo Yamada.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night The Definitive Soundtrack comes in a 4-LP box set containing all 46 tracks. The set will come with a booklet containing liner notes (in English and Japanese) from Michiru Yamane and Koji Igarashi.

Contains 4 12” 150g black vinyl discs, art-decorated sleeves, a full color booklet, and download code for high-fidelity digital versions all 46 tracks. 


A01. Theme of Bloodstained
A02. Call of Eternity
A03. Prologue
A04. Voyage of Promise
A05. Luxurious Overture

B01. Lost Garden
B02. Holy Wisdom
B03. Gears of Fortune
B04. Bibliotheca Ex Machina

C01. Overdrive
C02. Vestiges of Corruption
C03. Ritual of the Night
C04. Forgotten Jade

D01. Interred Glory
D02. Cursed Orphan
D03. Autumn's Desolation
D04. Goliath
D05. Terminus

E01. Theme of Gebel
E02. Theme of Dominique
E03. Theme of Johannes
E04. Theme of Zangetsu
E05. Theme of Alfred
E06. Theme of OD

F01. In Peace's Embrace
F02. Foreboding
F03. Surpassing Grief
F04. Attack of the Grotesque
F05. The Executioners
F06. Honoring the Oath
F07. Exorschism

G01. Silent Howling
G02. Repentance
G03. King of Kings
G04. Theme of Bloodstained Piano Version
G05. Theme of Bloodstained Vocal Version

H01. An Unclouded Sky
H02. End Credits
H03. Valiant Stride
H04. Silent Howling (8-bit)
H05. Game Over
H06. Theme of Tamako
H07. Brave Trigger
H08. Sinister Sign
H09. Everblack
H10. Fear

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