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Boom Shakalaka - BoomBaptist (Cassette Tape)


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He’s Heating Up! Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is proud to present BoomBaptist’s critically acclaimed LP Boom Shakalaka on limited edition vinyl!

A love-letter to the seminal basketball videogame which took arcades and games consoles by storm nearly thirty years ago, BoomBaptist’s trip-hop masterpiece is a sonic melange of samples, beats and soul, tinged with mid-90s nostalgia whilst utilising modern production techniques. Pressed on “He’s on fire!” splatter vinyl, Boom Shakalaka is as hot as it sounds!

Release Notes

  • A hip-hop infused love letter to 90s arcade gaming
  • Pressed on limited edition colored vinyl
  • Newly created artwork supervised by Boombaptist
Track List
  1. Boom Shakalaka (ft. Dehab)
  2. Hook It Up
  3. Ankle Breaker
  4. Razzle Dazzle
  5. He's Heating Up (ft. Nicknack)
  6. He's On Fire!
  7. From Downtwon (ft. Yadira Brown)
  8. Shattered Backboard
  9. Slamma Jamma (ft. Keeper)
  10. Alley-oop
  11. Is It the Shoes?

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