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Carrion (Original Game Soundtrack) - Cris Velasco (Limited-Edition 2xLP Blood-filled Vinyl Record Boxset)


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Limited edition of 20.

By popular request, we are releasing Cris Velasco's complete soundtrack to Carrion on vinyl. But we’re doing something a little crazy: an ultra-rare, ultra-limited edition that’s like nothing we have ever made before or will ever make again. This release is a collaboration with Devolver Digital, which we think explains a lot.

The 2 x LP Limited-Edition Blood-filled*** Vinyl is injected with a red liquid (because what’s a horror story without a little blood?) between clear halves. The result is a nightmarish LP that looks terrifying and sounds great.

Each collectible box set is individually numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by composer Cris Velasco, and an art print with artwork by Dan Quintana.

  • 2 x LP 280g Blood-filled*** vinyl
  • Numbered certificate of authenticity signed by composer Cris Velasco
  • Solo-piano sheet music of the Main Theme arranged by Sydney Kjerstad
  • ***Does not contain any actual blood. It does contain a red hygroscopic liquid that resembles blood.
  • Includes 2 CDs: Carrion (Original Game Soundtrack) and Carrion: The Prime Cuts
  • Limited Edition of 20 units. No other units will be made.
  • One per customer; orders with more than one will be canceled and refunded, and the buyer sacrificed to a red, amorphous, tentacled monster.

We're taking a risk making this because we think Carrion deserves it, we think Cris's soundtrack deserves it, and we think the horror community appreciates the unexpected.


Cris Velasco: Composer
Daniel Kresco: Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer

Nicole García: Violins
Simone Vitucci: Cello
Fil Uno: Cello

The Audio HIVE
Jose Varon: Score Supervision
Tania Valle: Music Prep

Devolver Digital: Game Publisher
Phobia Games Studio: Game Developer

Jamie Mac Rae and Daniel Jiménez-Wall: Executive Producers
Billy Norrby: Deluxe Cover Artwork:
Dan Quintana: Original Soundtrack Cover Artwork
Chet Zar: Prime Cuts Cover Artwork
Red Coconut STUDIO: Additional Illustration
Isa Alcántara: Product and Layout Design
Steve Thiriot: Head of Manufacturing

© 2020 Materia Collective / Materia Music Inc. under exclusive license from Monarch Audio, Inc.

Vinyl Track List

Side A

  1. Main Theme
  2. Fathomless
  3. The Hunger
  4. Malevolent Viscosity
  5. Mirage

Side B 

  1. The Lab
  2. Metamorphosis I
  3. Appetite for Destruction
  4. Metamorphosis II
  5. Frontier
  6. Eternal Adversary

Side C

  1. Watery Grave
  2. Metamorphosis III
  3. The Mouths of Madness
  4. What's Yours Is Mine
  5. AMD - Armored Mech Drone
  6. Metamorphosis IV
  7. All Hope Is Lost

Side D

  1. A Maze of Vines
  2. A Cephalopod's Dream
  3. Attack of the Peacekeepers
  4. Containment Unit
  5. Electronic Division
  6. Assimilation
  7. The End As We Know It
CD Track List

Carrion (Original Game Soundtrack)

  1. Main Theme
  2. Fathomless
  3. The Hunger
  4. Malevolent Viscosity
  5. Mirage
  6. The Lab
  7. Metamorphosis I
  8. Appetite for Destruction
  9. Metamorphosis II
  10. Frontier
  11. Eternal Adversary
  12. Watery Grave
  13. Metamorphosis III
  14. The Mouths of Madness
  15. What's Yours Is Mine
  16. AMD - Armored Mech Drone
  17. Metamorphosis IV
  18. All Hope Is Lost
  19. A Maze of Vines
  20. A Cephalopod's Dream
  21. Attack of the Peacekeepers
  22. Containment Unit
  23. Electronic Division
  24. Assimilation
  25. The End As We Know It

Carrion - The Prime Cuts

  1. The Worm Turns
  2. Menu Dégustation
  3. Let Us Prey
  4. Bad Ass Freaking Terrifying Alien



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