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Castle in the Sky (Soundtrack) [Laputa in the Sky USA Version] - Joe Hisaishi (2xLP Vinyl Record)


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This is the first LP release of “Castle in the Sky” edited by Vivaldi and Joe Hisaishi.

The “Castle in the Sky – Castle in the Sky USA Version” soundtrack can only be seen at the Ghibli Museum!

The soundtracks will be arranged differently from the image albums and soundtracks. The soundtracks are also remastered, with new jackets, gorgeous specifications, extensive commentary, and liner notes to enjoy.

Moreover, these three albums have never been released in analog format before.  Please enjoy the beauty of the jackets and the richness of the sound that only analog can provide.


Track List
  1. Prologue ~ Flaptors Attack
  2. The Girl Who Fell from the sky(Main Theme)
  3. The Levitation Crystal
  4. Morning in the Mining Village
  5. Pazu's Fanfare
  6. The Legend of Laputa
  7. A Street Brawl
  8. The Chase
  9. Floating with the Crystal
  10. Memories of Gondoa
  11. Stones Glowing in the Darkness
  12. Disheartened Pazu
  13. Robot Soldiers~Resurrection-Rescue~
  14. Dola and the Pirates
  15. Confessions in the Moonlight
  16. The Dragon's Nest
  17. The Lost Paradise
  18. The Forgotten Robot Soldier
  19. The Invasion of Goliath
  20. Pazu Fights Back
  21. The Final Showdown
  22. The Destruction of Laputa(Choral Version)
  23. The Eternal Tree of Life

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