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Cherries On Air (Chuchel Original Game Soundtrack) - DVA (1xLP Vinyl Record)


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"Whereas Botanicula was sublime is its acoustic forest faun gone Teletubbies way, Chuchel is like a carnival of unhinged delights – with an awesome drum machine and a lady doing vocal gymnastics over the top. I love it." ― HIGHER PLAIN MUSIC

“For Dva, Cherries On Air is a recording on which they are also looking back in a big way―on all their music achievements. They regard the diversity of their own work cheekily through a childlike lens (yes, there simply is a little child hidden in every grown-up) and it is good that for the time being, no one is taking their refined toys away from them, and lets them play in their own world. Thanks to this, the music of Dva will never begin to bore you.” ― MUSICSERVER

“The forty-minute recording is a journey into childhood of its kind, although there is no limit to one’s imagination and, for example, the track ‘Cherries Walk With Me’ sounds like a ballad of the Lynchian diva Julee Cruise on helium. The devil makes work for idle hands, that’s why we need to respect that the new album is primarily a soundtrack that cannot have the coherence of a regular studio album, but it definitely doesn’t lack a drive. Those that have at least basic experience with several levels of the game―which features the fluffy ball Chuchel who wears a hat that resembles the cupule of an acorn, his cherry-loving friend Kekel and the malicious giant Chrchel―will better understand the album’s structure. Ondřej Ježek from the Jámor Studio helped to achieve the excellent sound of the album―his mix is once again a tag of top quality.” ― ROCK & ALL

“I’ve noticed DVA on the previous ‘Botanicula’ soundtrack and I liked their musical playfulness. It was such a cool relaxed music: somewhere on the verge of electronica, of sounds of all kinds and the joy hidden amongst it all. ‘Cherries on Air’ is also supposedly a soundtrack to a game―I don't know, I’m not a gamer―and it's... quite similar, a bit loony again and at times not unlike the classic electronic wizardry of the likes of Fatboy Slim. Well, maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit, but it has come to my mind now and then. Anyway, a good record to listen to at the end of summer.” ― ECHOES ZINE

Music composed and recorded by DVA
Mastered by Ondřej Ježek at Jámor Studio, Prague, Czech Republic
Artwork and cover design © Jaromír Plachý, 2018

Lacquer cuts by Daniel Krieger at SST GmbH in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Album is pressed on 180 gram audiophile vinyl at Pallas Group GmbH, Diepholz, Germany

Each vinyl copy features download coupon with a code to download FLAC version of the album

Track List

A1 Cherries On Air 1
A2 Buena Vista Chuchel Club
A3 Chuchlegg
A4 Cherries On Air 2
A5 Chvchls
A6 Cherry I Love You So Much
A7 Chuchelman & K-boys
A8 Cherries On Air 3
A9 Chuchlmn Feat. Kek-L
A10 Stranger Cherries

B1 Cherries On Air 4
B2 Chuchel Walk With Me
B3 Cherries On Air 5
B4 Nino Chuchel
B5 Chuchelson Chucheley
B6 Cherries On Air 6
B7 Kin-dza-bab
B8 Chuchel's Morning With Cherry Toothpaste
B9 Cherries On Air 7
B10 Los Kekelos
B11 Cherries On Air 8
B12 Young Chuchels

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