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Chicory: A Colorful Tale (Original Video Game Soundtrack) - Lena Raine (4xLP Vinyl Record Box Set)

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Lena Raine’s original video game soundtrack to Chicory: A Colorful Tale!

Chicory was released on multiple platforms to great acclaim in 2021, being nominated for - and receiving - numerous awards in the industry. A genuine player-pleaser, Chicory blended unique gameplay mechanics into the storyline itself, making it an experience that, once played, is never forgotten.

The warm, orchestral blend of folk & electronica music was created by award-winning Celeste composer Lena Raine. Melding perfectly with the game itself, the score to Chicory will take you on the same emotional rollercoaster ride that playing the game does.

4xLP on crystal "Blank Canvas" clear vinyl, with individual linking sleeves housed in a hardback box, featuring new artwork by artist Matt Cummings!

Track List

Side A

  1. Blank Canvas
  2. A Colorful Tale
  3. The Town of Luncheon
  4. Supper Woods
  5. Eyes in the Darkness
  6. Not Anymore
  7. Potluck
  8. Art Academy

Side B

  1. Appie Foothills
  2. Elevenses
  3. Wielder Temple
  4. Probably Ancient Evil
  5. A Wielder's Duty
  6. Just Like You
  7. Sips River

Side C

  1. Gulp Swamp
  2. Mistake
  3. Erase You
  4. Seeds of Doubt
  5. Messed Up Person
  6. Letter from the Queen
  7. Dinners, the Big City
  8. Clementine
  9. Teatime Meadows

Side D

  1. Caves
  2. Grub Deep
  3. Her Wretched Utterances
  4. Feast
  5. Alone with Myself
  6. Nobody
  7. I Am You

Side E

  1. Abandon Me
  2. Chicory's Theme
  3. Banquet Rainforest
  4. Dessert Mountain
  5. Song of the Wielders

Side F

  1. Simmer Springs
  2. Turnabout Squeeze
  3. Spoons Island
  4. More Than Myself
  5. Color Lab
  6. Calling Home
  7. Brekkie

Side G

  1. Brunch Canyon
  2. Buried Deep
  4. She's Gone
  5. The Wielders' Legacy
  6. The Dark Forest
  7. You're Not Real
  8. Just Reach Out
  9. Something New
  10. Once More Into the Dark

Side H

  1. History Against Us
  2. Do the Impossible
  3. Change Everything
  4. The Mountain Top (feat. Emi Evans)
  5. The Tale End
  6. A Fresh Start
  7. This Colorful World

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