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Chocobo and Friends 2: Select Tracks from the Final Fantasy Series Compi (1xLP Vinyl Record)


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A vinyl record featuring the well-known "Buddies" from the FINAL FANTASY series!

Vol 2 - Buddies:
A vinyl record featuring songs about well-known characters from the FINAL FANTASY series is now available!
This is a vinyl record featuring songs about characters such as Moogle and Chocobo.
The collection includes a total of 16 tracks, including "Moogle’s Theme," "Mambo de Chocobo," and many others. The sleeve is an official store exclusive product with all-new artwork. We hope you enjoy it.

Track List


  1. Chocobo's Voice A (SE) [FINAL FANTASY VIII]
  2. Moogles' Theme [FINAL FANTASY V]
  3. Mog's Theme [FINAL FANTASY VI]
  4. Samba de Chocobo [FINAL FANTASY IV]
  5. Waltz de Chocobo [FINAL FANTASY VII]
  6. Electric de Chocobo [FINAL FANTASY VII]
  7. Fiddle de Chocobo [FINAL FANTASY VII]


  1. Chocobo's Voice B (SE) [FINAL FANTASY X]
  2. Moogles' Theme [FINAL FANTASY IX]
  3. Good King Moggle Mog XII [FINAL FANTASY XIV]
  4. Aloha de Chocobo [FINAL FANTASY IX]
  5. Circuit de Chocobo [FINAL FANTASY XI]
  6. Chocobos of Cocoon - Chasing Dreams [FINAL FANTASY XIII]
  7. Starlight de Chocobo [FINAL FANTASY XIV]
  8. Rodeo de Chocobo [FINAL FANTASY XV]

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