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Club Needlemouse - RoBKTA (MiniDisc)


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Club Needlemouse is the debut remix album from Italian music producer, RoBKTA, reimagining the music of SEGA’s Sonic the Hedgehog series with elements of funk, acid-jazz and disco house flavor. Featuring songs from the original game in 1991 all the way to Sonic Lost World, even highlighting the 15th anniversary title - Sonic 06, RoBKTA masterfully adds his own spin to these classics.

Come check out Firaga Records' first foray into MiniDisc territory! 

Track List
  1. A Proper Introduction (Title Theme) [from "Sonic The Hedgehog"]
  2. Badnik's Delight (Spring Yard Zone) [from "Sonic The Hedgehog"]
  3. Millennium Future Stardust Speedway [from "Sonic CD"]
  4. Disco Absolution (Dreams of an Absolution) [from "Sonic 2006"]
  5. MJ Garden (Marble Garden Zone) [from "Sonic The Hedgehog 3"]
  6. Vanishing Apotos Horizon [from "Sonic Unleashed"]
  7. Sambopolis (Aquatic Ruin Zone) [from "Sonic The Hedgehog 2"]
  8. Windy Groove (Windy Hill Zone) [from "Sonic Lost World"]
  9. Needlemau5 (Ending Theme) [from "Sonic The Hedgehog 3"]

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