Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Soundtrack (2xLP)


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“Instead of concentrating on the epic vastness of space, the music aims to capture the loneliness felt in space and the burdens of war. The score is equal parts electronic and orchestral. It combines cold and aggressive analog synths with small, intimate string sections and a gnarly low brass ensemble. A lot of the percussion is from metallic found objects. It’s not a traditional score by any means. We wanted to do something different than the typical epic orchestral action sound.” – Sarah Schachner, Composer for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

iam8bit has teamed up with Infinity Ward and Activision to mint the music of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare on wax. The moment we heard composer Sarah Schachner’s epic score, tinged with sci-fi subtleties and big orchestra crescendos, we couldn’t shake its trappings.

During development, the Infinity Ward team fell in love with Chris Skinner’s illustrations, so it only made sense to recruit him for the album design. Skinner’s skills are uniquely honed – deft at inking detailed vehicle battle scenes, but also the intricacies of the human condition. It’s a classy match for the Call of Duty universe.

As with all iam8bit vinyl releases, the music is mastered specifically for vinyl audio supremacy.

• Limited edition of 3,000
• Music by Sarah Schachner
• Album Art by Chris Skinner


Track List
A1 Anthropic Universe
A2 Home
A3 Rising Threat
A4 Olympic Mons
A5 Black Sky
B1 Operation Black Flag
B2 Rally Point
B3 Terrible Resolve
B4 Infinite Warfare
B5 Adrift
B6 All or Nothing
C1 Endure
C2 Peace To The Fallen
C3 Sentient Mechanism
C4 Europa
C5 Reyes
C6 Taken Dagger
D1 Ttian
D2 Pyrrhic Victory
D3 Faulty Wiring
D4 Safe Harbor
D5 Fair Winds
D6 Phoenix
D7 Blood Storm
D8 The Retribution

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