Contra 3: The Alien Wars (Original Soundtrack) - Konami Kukeiha Club (1xLP Vinyl Record)


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12" LP Featuring all 13 BGM tracks from the game.

Set 3 years after the original, Red Falcon and his legion have returned to Earth, this time with the intent of launching a full-scale war against it's inhabitants. It's up to Bill and Lance, our heroes to scale walls, ride motorcycles, and even cling to soaring missiles in an attempt to defeat the onslaught.

The music of Contra 3: The Alien Wars is epic to say the least – the looping sequences of each level are longer, taking full advantage of the new audio capabilities available to the composers on the Super Nintendo. In some instances, like with 'Battle Runner' which operates on-the-rails for large stretches, it affords for the composers to have some sequences to go nearly two minutes before a single loop. The sweeping scope of these tracks leads to a chaos absent from the previous chapters of the run-and-gun series, while still obeying the structures and pacing of Video Game music... Just with more complex time signatures, and percussion patterns.

Track List

Side A
01. Alien Wars Begin
02. It's Time For Revenge
03. Bloody Storm
04. Pattern Clear
05. Select The Landing Point
06. Megalopolis
07. Battle Runner

Side B
08. Daredevil
09. Hell Messenger
10. Go Forward Under Fire
11. The Showdown
12. Return In Glory
13. No Hope No Life

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