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Contra: Hard Corps (Original Video Game Soundtrack) - KONAMI Kukeiha Club (2xLP Vinyl Record) [Materia Exclusive Green/Black Splatter]


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An unmanned robot is running rampant throughout the city!

Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is proud to announce the release of the original video game soundtrack to KONAMI’s frenetic run-and-gun sensation Contra: Hard Corps, now on vinyl for the very first time!

Materia Store exclusive "Green/Black Splatter".

The sixth entry in the Contra series - and the first to reach Sega consoles - Hard Corps exploded onto players’ screens in the latter half of 1994, burning as many eyeballs with its intense combat as it did city landscapes in the game itself. Featuring choosable characters, swappable weapons, branching storylines and multiple endings, Hard Corps became a firm favourite for Contra-heads despite its notoriously high difficultly level.

Complementing the utter chaos is KONAMI Kukeiha Club’s score. The music’s ability to drive the action hardly ever relents, slapping into your ears like waves of explosive pressure from one of the game’s many explosions. Sometimes playful, sometimes funky but always driving the conflicts forward, is it any wonder why the Contra: Hard Corps soundtrack is one of the holy grails amongst VGM enthusiasts? Oh and keep your ears open for the Castlevania Vampire Killer remix, as heard in the secret battle stadium stage!

Featuring a new, definitive audio recording from original Mega Drive hardware, new gatefold artwork by Johnny Dombrowski and available in a limited edition “Missile Explosion” splatter vinyl STS store exclusive, Contra: Hard Corps — Original Video Game Soundtrack is a release you absolutely will not want to miss!

Track List

1. Locked and Loaded
2. Charshoe X
3. The Hard Corps
5. Stage Clear
6. You no Nikusyokujyu
7. R.A.V.E.
8. Zephyr

1. Gekokujoh Norakura
2. Contra Overdrive
3. JB303
4. AC Violence
5. Format X
6. Something Wonderful
7. GTR Attack!
8. What a Painful World
9. Game Over

1. The Fogge Cave in the Darkness
2. The Dawn
3. Alien's Den
4. Guillotine
5. Contra the Blue Gale

1. Moonlit Army
2. Last Springsteen
3. The Hard Corps Blues
4. All Stage Clear
5. Jurassic Dope
6. Simon 1994RD

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