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Contra: Shattered Soldier (Original Video Game Soundtrack) - Konami Kukeiha Club (2xLP Vinyl Record)


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Materia Store Exclusive variant! 2xLP on Opaque Evergreen with Black Splatter discs.

The original video game soundtrack to KONAMI’s classic Playstation 2 release Contra: Shattered Soldier! A follow-up to the much-loved Contra: Hard Corps (AKA Shin Contra), this new instalment in the Contra universe sees the Earth being terrorised by the organisation “Blood Falcon,” and only one man - Bill Rizer - can stop them… by blowing the ever-loving hell out of everything in his way!

Released in late 2002 across the U.S. and Japan, with copies reaching European shores in early 2003, this run-and-gun action masterpiece took advantage of its PS2 platform by implementing the use of polygonal graphics to its 2D side view perspective, adding a new depth to the on-screen carnage not yet seen in the series. And if the adrenaline-pumping visual mayhem wasn’t already enough, KONAMI made the wise decision to turn the soundtrack up to eleven by composing a heavy metal industrial techno score that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Fear Factory remix album. It’s an absolute assault on the senses!

Originally released on CD in Japan in December 2002 (good luck finding a copy that’s under $100!), the incredible score to Contra: Shattered Soldier has since eluded a vinyl pressing… until now! Pressed onto 2 slices of 12” wax available in two different variants - a red / yellow swirl and a limited edition yellow, orange and red splatter - and featuring art by the one and only Johnny Dombrowski, this is the definitive release of one of the best VGM soundtracks of the early 2000s. Miss it at your peril!

Track List

Side A

  1. Venus
  2. Select Stage
  3. Fortress
  4. Intestines
  5. Stage Clear - Jingle -
  6. Mountain Area
  7. Battle Train
  8. Result

Side B

  1. Submarine Power Plant
  2. Senator
  3. Super-Power Robot Yokozuna Jr
  4. Relic of Moirai
  5. Destiny Confrontation
  6. The Crawler Tank
  7. Special Stage Clear - Jingle -
  8. Hell Drive

Side C

  1. The Dust Gathers
  2. Islands
  3. Sky to the Ocean
  4. Jinmen - Gyo -
  5. Slave Beast Taka
  6. Lance Lullaby
  7. Survival of the Fittest
  8. A True Last Boss

Side D

  1. Maximum Speed
  2. Critical Moment of Contra
  3. Game Over - Jingle -
  4. Recollections
  5. Dearest
  6. Risk
  7. S-Power 8. Orion

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