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Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams (Original Soundtrack) - Kenichi Hirata (1xLP Vinyl Record)


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Cute can be deadly, and Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams has the soundtrack to prove it.

Cotton may look sweet and disarming, but don’t be fooled. She is as hardcore as they come as she straddles her broom, defeats monsters, and collects candy. The soundtrack for this deceivingly sweet heroine is equally high energy. Released in 1991, this soundtrack has a definite 80’s rock underbelly. Each stage offers a distinctive, upbeat, dynamic sound, keeping you hooked. Cotton never sits still in her quest for willow candy, nor will you; this soundtrack will get you moving.

Indulge your game-listening sweet tooth today with the Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams soundtrack.

Music by Kenichi Hirata, released by Very Ok Vinyl.

Track List
  1. Opening
  2. Coin
  3. Visual 1
  4. Visual 2
  5. Stage 1
  6. Boss 1
  7. Stage 2
  8. Boss 2
  9. Stage 3
  10. Boss 3
  11. Stage 4
  12. Boss 4
  13. Stage 5
  14. Boss 5
  15. Stage 6
  16. Boss 6
  17. Last Boss
  18. Ending
  19. Ranking
  20. Continue
  21. Game Over

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