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Cult of the Lamb (Original Soundtrack) - River Boy (2xLP Vinyl Record)


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Now here’s some wax worthy of worship…

We’ve summoned forth a vinyl set forged in celebration of the demonically great music and art of Cult of the Lamb.

42 tracks specially mastered for vinyl will be pressed to heavyweight LPs with red and black splatter effect. These come housed in a deluxe gatefold sleeve adorned with artwork by illustrator Carles Dalmau.

Cult of the Lamb’s composer and audio director River Boy (Narayana Johnson) faced the challenge of reflecting the two sides of the game: the safety of the cult’s home base, where marimbas, mallets and other sonically ‘little’ instruments are woven into laid-back lo-fi electronica tracks; and the dungeons, where heavily processed voices and gritty synth elements sit atop dense beats and distorted bass for a darker occult energy.

Track List



  1. Praise the Lamb
  2. Start a Cult
  3. Temple
  4. Work and Worship
  5. Saviour
  6. Ratoo


  1. Faith Up
  2. Sacrifice
  3. Darkwood
  4. Amdusias
  5. Leshy
  6. Knucklebones
  7. Pilgrim's Passage
  8. The Night
  9. Anura
  10. Eligos
  11. Heket
  12. Shop
  13. Sozo



  1. Anchordeep
  2. Saleos
  3. Kallamar
  4. Followers of the Old Faith
  5. Silk Cradle
  6. Vephar
  7. Shamura
  8. Plimbo
  9. Midas
  10. Witnesses


  1. Martyred
  2. The Gateway
  3. First Son, Baal
  4. Second Son, Aym
  5. Narinder
  6. The One Who Waits
  7. Enlightenment
  8. Lamb God
  9. Bishops of the Old Faith
  10. Light House
  11. Bishop Temple
  12. Lonely Shack
  13. Clauneck

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