Death Stranding: Songs from the Video Game - (3xLP Vinyl Record)


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Hideo Kojima's 2019 masterpiece DEATH STRANDING.

Not to be confused with the award winning beautiful score album by Ludvig Forssell, this three disc album features all 22 beautiful, haunted and sublime songs from the game performed by Low Roar, CHVRCHES, Silent Poets & Apocalyptica.

In DEATH STRANDING, Sam Porter Bridges' quest across America is filled with long stretches of terrain: Mountains to scale, rivers to traverse, and endless beautiful plains. And often when the coast is clear of dangers, the game will kick on a beautiful song in which to soundtrack your trek. These moments in the game are some of the most beautiful reminders to enjoy the small moments of beauty, and to allow the journey to be the destination.

This compilation is pressed on 3x 180 Gram Black vinyl discs and features all new artwork by Randy Ortiz and housed in a trifold jacket.

The full length score album, featuring the original score to DEATH STRANDING by Ludvig Forssell is also available.


A01. Don't Be So Serious by Low Roar
A02. Bones by Low Roar feat. Jófriður
A03. Easy Way Out by Low Roar
A04. Poznan by Low Roar

B01. Asylums for the Feeling by Silent Poets feat. Leila Adu
B02. Once in a Long, Long While by Low Roar
B03. St. Eriksplan by Low Roar

C01. Death Stranding by Chvrches
C02. Please Don't Stop Chapter 1 by Low Roar
C03. Because We Have To by Low Roar
C04. Waiting (10 Years) by Low Roar

D01. Almost Nothing by Silent Poets feat. Okay Kaya
D02. Tonight, Tonight, Tonight by Low Roar
D03. Nobody Else by Low Roar

E01. The Machine by Low Roar
E02. Anything You Need by Low Roar
E03. Give Up by Low Roar
E04. Patience by Low Roar

F01. Path by Apocalyptica
F02. Not Around by Low Roar
F03. I'm Leaving by Low Roar
F04. I'll Keep Coming by Low Roar

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