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Death's Gambit (Original Soundtrack) - Kyle Hnedak (2xLP Vinyl Record)


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 2xLP black disc vinyl of Kyle Hnedak's music to Death's Gambit!

Release Notes:

  • 2xLP Black Ice Vinyl
  • Music composed and arranged by Kyle Hnedak
  • Album Art by Max Zhang
  • Produced by Serenity Forge in partnership with Mana Wave Media
  • Mastered by Parker B Abegg
  1. Forest Meadow
  2. Gaian's Cradle
  3. Inside The Hub
  4. Moonlit Sniper
  5. Darkness Falls
  6. Echoes Of Afterlife
  7. Great Expeditions
  8. A Contract
  9. Labyrinth Of Thorns
  10. Sky Tomb
  11. A Sunken City
  12. The Beginning Of Hope
  13. The End Of Immortality
  14. Endless
  15. Gaianslayer
  16. Darkness To Light
  17. Avatar Of Thalamus
  18. The Bulwark
  19. Thalamus Phase One
  20. Afterlife
  21. Death Battle
  22. Galaxy Mage Amulvaro
  23. Xyarlohatp

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