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DeComposing: The Music of Carlo Maria Cordio - Carlo Maria Cordio (2xLP Vinyl Record) - Green Vinyl


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Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is very proud to present DeComposing, a compilation album of the scores of highly regarded film composer Carlo Maria Cordio!

Spread across two green slabs of wax and featuring music from movies such as Troll 2, Aenigma, Miami Cops, Contamination 7, Pieces, Sodoma’s Ghost, Witchstory, Curse II: The Bite, Absurd, Body Puzzle and many others (with much of the music previously unavailable on vinyl), and featuring liner notes from Carlo Maria Cordio himself, this is a genre film soundtrack fan’s dream… or should that be NIGHTMARE?

Take a trip into the dark world of Carlo Maria Cordio and his well-recognised ability to blend cimmerian ethereality with tangible worldly affairs — DeComposing: The Music of Carlo Maria Cordio covers a wide spectrum of music from his roster, representing not just the horror genre but also crime, fantasy and thriller, and it should absolutely NOT BE MISSED!

This item is a pre-order and is estimated to ship around Q2 2024.

Release Notes

  • 24 tracks on a 2xLP green vinyl record
  • Composed by Carlo Maria Cordio
  • Featuring music from Troll 2, Aenigma, Miami Cops, Contamination 7, Pieces, Sodoma’s Ghost, Witchstory, Curse II: The Bite, Absurd, Body Puzzle, and more

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Track List

A01. The Last Door (Theme from “Aenigma”)
A02. The Garden of the Red Flowers (theme from “Touch of Death”)
A03. Eye of the Dark (Theme from “Sodoma’s Ghost”)
A04. Toxic Waste (Theme from “Contamination 7”)
A05. The Tracy’s House (Theme from “Body Puzzle”)
A06. Shark Dance (Theme from “Deep Blood”)
A07. Don’t Go That Way (Theme from “Night Killer”)

B01. The Witch’s Curse (Theme from “The House 4”)
B02. From the World of Darkness (Theme from “The House 5”)
B03. A Train to Destiny (Theme from “Beyond the Door III”)
B04. Trip to the Radioactive Desert (Theme from “Curse II: The Bite”)
B05. Maternal Obsession (Theme from “Hitcher in the Dark”)
B06. When a Ball Rolls (Theme from “Witchstory”)

C01. Pay Attention to Food (Theme from Troll 2)
C02. Jigsaw puzzle (Theme from “Pieces”)
C03. On the Right Track (Theme from “Miami Cops”) 
C04. A Word for the 18th Birthday (Theme from “The Quest for the Mighty Sword”)
C05. Revenge of the Hawk (Theme from “Zombie 5: Killing Birds”)
C06. An Empire in the Jungle (Theme from “Cross Mission”)

D01. Behind the Mask (Theme from “Iron Warrior”)
D02. Riding at Sunset (Theme from “Lone Runner”)
D03. Towards the Final Land (Theme from “Endgame”) 
D04. Cell Regeneration (Theme from “Absurd”)
D05. The Dark Web of the Spider (Theme from “Ator, the Fighting Eagle”)
D06. Madness of Power (Theme from “Caligula: The Untold Story”)

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