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DELTARUNE Chapter 1 Piano Score (Digital Sheet Music)


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Much like our UNDERTALE Complete Piano Score book, DELTARUNE Chapter 1 Piano Score covers every single track from the game for a total of 40 songs. The arrangements are faithful to the originals and each song has been lovingly recreated to be playable on piano even for younger musicians. 

Composed by Toby Fox and arranged by Laura Platt. 

Also available as a physical book.

A project by Materia Editions

TOBY FOX: is the musical dog that made deltarune.

DAVID PEACOCK: is a music nerd who likes making sheet music for and from games.

LAURA PLATT: is a composer and arranger with a passion for game music
and a heart full of determination. 

  2. Beginning
  3. School
  4. Susie
  5. The Door
  6. Cliffs
  7. The Chase
  8. The Legend
  9. Lancer
  10. Rude Buster
  11. Empty Town
  12. Weird Birds
  13. Field of Hopes and Dreams
  14. Fanfare (from Rose of Winter)
  15. Lantern
  16. I'm Very Bad
  17. Checker Dance
  18. Quiet Autumn
  19. Scarlet Forest
  20. Thrash Machine
  21. Vs. Lancer
  22. Basement
  23. Imminent Death
  24. Vs. Susie
  25. Card Castle
  26. Rouxls Kaard
  27. April 2012
  28. Hip Shop
  29. Gallery
  30. Chaos King
  31. Darkness Falls
  32. The Circus
  34. Friendship
  35. THE HOLY
  36. Your Power
  37. A Town Called Hometown
  38. You Can Always Come Home
  39. Don't Forget
  40. Before the Story

Produced by Materia Editions. © 2021 Materia Music Inc.

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