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DELTARUNE Chapter 2 Remixed - Firaga & Tiny Waves (Cassette Tape)


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Beats to thaw chicken to.

A high-energy remix album by Firaga Records x Tiny Waves of DELTARUNE soundtrack favorites.

DELTARUNE Chapter 2 Remixed was made possible by the following individuals:

Also available on vinyl and cassette.

Ⓟ & © 2021 Firaga Records / Tiny Waves / Materia Music Inc.. DELTARUNE is a trademark of ROYAL SCIENCES LLC, registered in the U.S. Musical compositions are used with permission of Materia Music Publishing and ROYAL SCIENCES LLC. Sound Recordings ©2021 Materia Music Inc. All Rights Reserved. FIRAGA is a trademark or registered trademark of MATERIA MUSIC INC.

  1. Before the Story (from "DELTARUNE")
  3. Sound Studio (from "DELTARUNE")
  4. Smart Race (from "DELTARUNE")
  5. Spamton (from "DELTARUNE")
  6. Pandora Palace (from "DELTARUNE")
  7. BIG SHOT (from "DELTARUNE")
  8. Attack of the Killer Queen (from "DELTARUNE")
  9. Knock You Down!! (from "DELTARUNE")
  10. Faint Courage - Game Over (from "DELTARUNE")
  11. You Can Always Come Home (from "DELTARUNE")
  12. Until Next Time (from "DELTARUNE")


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