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Demon Turf (The RX Album) - Fat Bard & M.R. Miller (Compact Disc)


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Black Screen Records has once again teamed up with indie developer Fabraz to release Fat Bard & M.R. Miller’s catchy-as-hell soundtrack to Demon Turf – their brand new 3D platformer with attitude – published by Playtonic Friends.

This is the Demon Turf RX Album: this remix vinyl is basically a compilation of all the songs from the more challenging “remix” levels in the game. Fat Bard and M.R. Miller took the originally composed songs and then chopped/mangled it up, turning into something completely different, many times with guest artists or additional vocals. The remix vinyl also features M.R. Miller’s epic song “The King’s Magnum Opus”, which is a mashup/remix of all the turf bosses into one massive song.

The Fat Bards and M.R. Miller also collaborated a bit at the end of that song, with Patrick Crecelius’ (Fat Bard) wife Susan reprising her role as Beebz, doing a rap that Miller wrote as well as a good deal of singing. Miller also took the Bards’ files from the main theme and remixed them in there, as well.

Track List
  1. Let's Get Porked Up
  2. Pig Disco
  3. Grapes & Red Swine
  4. Let's Catch Some Waves
  5. Crusty Storms
  6. Funky Booty
  7. Let's Paint the Town
  8. Owl Cyberlords
  9. Highway Punk
  10. Let's Chill Out
  11. Ghastly Golem Goes Brrr
  12. Hot'n Cold Sweets
  13. A Demon's Climb
  14. The King's Magnum Opus
  15. Let's Beat the Arcadez
  16. Beebz the Slaya

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