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Disasters for Piano, Second Edition (Sheet Music Book)


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The second edition of Disasters for Piano sheet music is here! This 155 page book features music by Disasterpeace, transcribed and arranged for piano by David Peacock: 13 arrangements as heard on the Disasters for Piano album, four bonus arrangements, and straight ahead piano reductions of the first 13 pieces, for a total of 30 songs.

Includes liner notes from Disasterpeace and David Peacock for each song. 

Track List

1. Win
2. Spaceman the Vulnerable
3. Somewhere, our limbs lost in the distance
4. :D
5. Scent of Betrayal
6. Prologue
7. Death
8. The Outlaw
9. Title
10. Ninety
11. Forgotten
12. The Thief
13. Nature
14. The Last General
15. Panacea
16. Oklahoma
17. St. Valentine
18. Win (Reduction)
19. Spaceman the Vulnerable (Reduction)
20. Somewhere, our limbs lost in the distance (Reduction)
21. :D (Reduction)
22. Scent of Betrayal (Reduction)
23. Prologue (Reduction)
24. Death (Reduction)
25. The Outlaw (Reduction)
26. Title (Reduction)
27. Ninety (Reduction)
28. Forgotten (Reduction)
29. The Thief (Reduction)
30. Nature (Reduction)

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