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Dishonored: The Soundtrack Collection (5xLP Vinyl Record)


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This five-disc box set features a curated selection of tracks by original composer Daniel Licht, and other contributors, from the soundtracks to Dishonored, Dishonored 2, and Dishonored: Death of the Outsider™.

- Includes music from Dishonored, Dishonored 2, Death of the Outsider, and official ‘tribute’ tracks
– 68 tracks spanning five discs
– Deluxe rigid case with five spined disc inners

The Dishonored series is renowned for its immersive storytelling, unique level design, adaptive combat systems and compelling characters. From the top of Dunwall Tower to the depths of The Void, Daniel Licht’s atmospheric scores have helped immerse players in the shadowy world of Corvo Attano, Emily Kaldwin, Daud, and Billie Lurk.
Track List
Disc 1
Side A
Main Theme
The Return
Empress Death
Wrenhaven River
Streets - Exploration
Aristocracy - Exploration
Side B
The Drunken Whaler
Flooded - Suspense
Regent - Exploration
Regent - Suspense
Honour For All
Honour For All (Extended)     
Disc 2
Side C
Main Theme
Aristocracy - Ambient
Aristocracy - Suspense
Dreadful Wale
Emily Theme
Streets - Ambient 
Streets - Suspense
Karnaca Battle
Corvo Theme
Royal Conservatory
Side D
Grand Palace - Ambient
Delilah Theme
Delilah - Combat
Void Theme
Brigmore Lullaby
Disc 3
Side E
Dust District
Foster Confession
Side F
The Coup
Jewel of the South
Silver and Dust
Watery Grave
Born in the Month of Darkness
Sands of Serkonos
Disc 4
Side G
Main Theme
One Last Fight - Exploration
One Last Fight - Daud Released
The Bank Job - Exploration
The Bank Job - Suspense
A Hole In The World - Intro
A Hole In The World - Exploration
A Hole In The World - The Eye
Into The Void – Exploration
Side H
Into The Void - Suspense
Into The Void - Vortex
The Deep Void - Free The Outsider
The Deep Void - Kill The Outsider
Epilogue - Outsider Alive
Epilogue - Outsider Dead
Disc 5
Side I
Main Theme
Ice Ocean
Side J
Like A Shadow

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