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Distant Worlds II: More Music from Final Fantasy (Compact Disc)


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Distant Worlds II: more music from FINAL FANTASY, the much anticipated new CD with all new FINAL FANTASY scores was recorded in late January, 2010 by Arnie Roth and the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra and Elmhurst College Concert Choir. For the first time on any recording, Distant Worlds welcomes the group Earthbound Papas, featuring Nobuo Uematsu on organ. The album was recorded on location in the Stockholm Konserthuset (Sweden) & in Elmhurst College (IL, USA) Hammerschmidt Chapel in high resolution at 88.2khz/24bit.

Track List
  1. Prelude
  2. The Man with the Machine Gun
  3. Ronfaure
  4. A Place to Call Home – Melodies of Life
  5. Zanarkand
  6. Dancing Mad, ft. Earthbound Papas
  7. Victory Theme
  8. Suteki da ne
  9. Terra’s Them
  10. Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII
  11. Prima Vista Orchestra
  12. Dear Friends
  13. JENOVA

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