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DOOM (Original Game Soundtrack) - Mick Gordon (5th Anniversary Standard Edition 4xLP Vinyl Record Box Set)


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To celebrate Laced Records’ fifth anniversary, and also to mark five years since DOOM ripped & tore up people’s expectations of the series, Laced presents two new variants of the quadruple vinyl box set. Music by Mick Gordon.

This 5th Anniversary Standard Edition features traditional black LPs. All music has been specially mastered for vinyl by Joe Caithness and is pressed on audiophile-quality, heavyweight 180g discs.

The set features 31 tracks composed and sequenced by sonic cyberdemon Mick Gordon. The soundtrack won “Best Music” at The Game Awards 2016, and has continued to gain plaudits as one of the most distinct and innovative scores ever created for a video game.

Track List

Disc 1 - Side A

  1. I. DOGMA
  2. Rip & Tear
  3. At Doom's Gate
  4. Rust, Dust & Guts


Disc 1 - Side B

  1. Hellwalker
  2. Authorization; Olivia Pierce
  3. Flesh & Metal
  4. Impure Spectrum


Disc 2 - Side A

  1. Ties That Bind
  2. BFG Division
  3. Residual
  4. Argent Energy


Disc 2 - Side B

  1. Harbinger
  2. Biowaves
  3. Olivia's Doom (Chad Mossholder Remix)


Disc 3 - Side A

  1. Transistor Fist
  2. Dr. Samuel Hayden
  3. Cyberdemon


Disc 3 - Side B

  1. Incantation
  3. Damnation
  4. The Stench 


Disc 4 - Side A

  1. UAC Report File; SHTO36U3
  2. Death & Exhale
  3. SkullHacker
  4. Lazarus Waves 


Disc 4 - Side B

  1. VEGA Core
  2. 6_idkill.vega.cih (Chris Hite Remix)
  3. Mastermind
  4. IV. DOOM

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