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Double Dragon I & II Original NES Soundtracks - (2xLP Vinyl Record) [Jimmy Edition Red Variant]


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Relive the classic music of Double Dragon I & II, presented together on a single 1LP release!

This feature-rich release boasts the following amenities:

180gram vinyl

Heavyweight gatefold jacket with recreated artwork and game description.

A premium slipcover, double-side printed with gold foil dragons and gold-lined interior

A wearable, color-variant-coordinated headband, sporting the Japanese title-screen text

Album artwork created by Gonzolo Ordoñez

Slipcover artwork by Channel 3 Records

Produced by Channel 3 Records

Composed by Kazunaka Yamane

©Arc System Works

Products are mockups and are subject to variance/change.


Track List

A1 Opening
A2 Departure
A3 Slums
A4 Clear
A5 Factory Area
A6 Forest
A7 Cave
A8 Hideout
A9 Huge Fortress
A10 Ending
A11 Game Over

B1 Dead Or Alive
B2 Visual Scene
B3 The Avenger Begins To Move
B4 Boss Fight
B5 Clear
B6 Quiet Tracker
B7 A Tense Night Sky
B8 Steady Advance Of The Morning Sun
B9 Go Through The Forest
B10 Vs Bulldozer
B11 Evil God
B12 Break Through Obstacles
B13 Shadow Battle
B14 At The Enemy Base
B15 Final Battle
B16 Double Dragon Roar
B17 Double Dragon Miracle
B18 Nostalgic Memories
B19 Game Over

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