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Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes (Original Soundtrack) - Falcom Sound Team jdk (Special Edition Compact Disc)


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DISTRIBUTED TITLE: Originally released in 1989, Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes marks the beginning of Nihon Falcom's Long-running turn-based RPG series "The Legend of Heroes".

The soundtrack to Dragon Slayer VI Legend of Heroes as a whole is more relaxed and light-hearted in contrast to its other role-playing game contemporaries that Nihon Falcom released on the PC-88. From the relaxing themes of "Town" that instill a sense of peace and safety and the music of "Ship" accompanying you as you sail across the sea.

has taken great care to give the soundtrack to Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes a unique identity in comparison to all of Nihon Falcom's other numerous PC-88 offerings. Mastered from entirely new recordings captured specifically for this release we are excited to be sharing this underappreciated piece of Nihon Falcom's music history soundtrack with you.


• The complete soundtrack to Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes with bonus arrange tracks.
• The original soundtrack has been mastered for CD from new recordings painstakingly captured specifically for this release from a Makoto OPNA cartridge.
• Two extra arrangement version tracks of music from Perfect Collection: Dragon Slayer The Legend of Heroes and "The Legend of Heroes I - IV" Piano Collection.
• First reissue in over 30 years.

Track List

01. Opening
04. The March of Heroes
05. Town
06. Field
07. Dungeon
08. Battle
09. Neargead Castle
10. Castle
11. The Voice of God
12. Event Clear
13. Ship
14. Pirate Island
15. Dragon
16. ENDING 1
17. ENDING 2
19. Field (From Perfect Collection Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes)
20. Dragon (From The Legend of Heroes Piano Collection I-IV Piano Collection)

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