Space Quest Historian

Duke Duke Dance Party - Space Quest Historian (1xLP Vinyl Record)


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Shake it, baby!

Prepare to kick ass and chew bubble gum. Wait... sorry, we're all out of bubble gum. *checks inventory* Damn, looks like we're out of ass too. Oh well, here's some music for you to enjoy.

From the ravaged nuclear wasteland of Denmark, the creator of 9 previous Sierra game soundtrack remix/cover vinyl projects brings you DUKE DUKE DANCE PARTY!
Six tunes from the classic 1996 game Duke Nukem 3D, remixed into EBM/industrial/darkwave by the Space Quest Historian, on a special heavy-weight tri-colored vinyl with the classic "Nukem" trefoil logo.

"This vinyl ripped off my head to shit down my neck! I love it!" - Jon Paul Sapsford
"More fiery than roasting a pig cop with a flamethrower!" - Alistair Gillett

What started as a fun request from a supporter on Patreon turned into an EP of danceable remixes. For fun, I shared these with the members of Lee Jackson's Facebook group (Lee was one of the original composers for the game), and they were surprisingly well-received -- even by the man himself. When I floated the idea of putting out a limited edition vinyl, it was enthuastically received, and Mr. Jackson gracefully granted me permission to do so... with the only stipulation that the other composer, Bobby Prince, do the same. So I reached out to Mr. Prince and, after a short while, he got back to me and said "if it's okay with Lee, it's okay with me."

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