Eastward (Original Soundtrack) - Joel Corelitz (2xLP Vinyl Record)


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Eastward is a game defined by its contrasts, a tale of finding hope even while on the brink of total dismay, told via a retro aesthetic and some decidedly modern and unexpected storytelling. It’s no surprise, then, that composer Joel Corelitz crafted an appropriately eclectic soundtrack for Pixpil and Chucklefish’s Adventure RPG. It’s a love letter to the history of video game music, dancing confidently between genres, moods, and themes while weaving together a fully realized portrait of the game’s unique world.

Now, iam8bit is proud to present that soundtrack on vinyl, featuring cover art from Laura Bifano and album design from Ryan Brinkerhoff. This standard edition is presented on 2xLP black vinyl, featuring over 2 hours of musical goodness. It’s a delicious dish, through and through.

Release Notes

  • Music by Joel Corelitz
  • Game Design by Erich Meyr
  • Album Design by Ryan Brinkerhoff
  • Cover Illustration by Laura Bifano
Track List

A01. Game Over
A02. Tale
A03. Eastward
A04. Indoor
A05. Life In A Pot
A06. Sam
A07. Ni Hao
A08. Weather Talk
A09. Bar
A10. Jonny's
A11. Ruin
A12. Rust

B01. Silent Mist

B02. Glimmer
B03. Woody Path
B04. Danger
B05. Mysterious
B06. Battle
B07. Happy
B08. Home
B09. Confession
B10. Yamanoue No Machi
B11. Saka No Machi
B12. The Curious Princess

C01. Strange Quest

C02. Valley Of Junks
C03. Cranky Engine
C04. Industrial
C05. Legacy
C06. Tatari
C07. Departure
C08. Go! Daniel!
C09. Playful
C10. Monkollywood

D01. Another Day

D02. Perilous
D03. Twisted Justice
D04. Black Train
D05. The Duel
D06. To My Knight
D07. Void
D08. Final Boss
D09. Heretic Frypan
D10. Terminal

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