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Eastward (Original Soundtrack) - Joel Corelitz (Cassette Tape)


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When Eastward was first announced back in 2018, it was heralded for its pixelated prowess and quirky sense of style. In the three years leading up to its release, the hype train continued to gather steam as more and more was unveiled. Upon launch, it became clear that Eastward was about so much more than just style. It had substance, too.

A modern celebration of early ‘90s video games, Pixpil’s Eastward delivers a poignant yet hopeful post-apocalyptic story set in a delightfully dark world. It’s a story of tribulation and triumph for a small indie studio and offers a thought-provoking exploration of societal constructs whilst also providing some warm-hearted and good-humoured fun. 

Eastward’s iconic art style is complemented perfectly by its incredible original soundtrack composed by Joel Corelitz. In celebration of Eastward’s recently launched and highly anticipated Octopia DLC, Black Screen Records and Lost In Cult Records have teamed up to bring you an exclusive opportunity to secure a series of beautiful Eastward OST items.

Release Notes

  • The complete Eastward Soundtrack on double tape - only available on this format
  • Including two unreleased tracks
  • Music by Joel Corelitz
Track List

A01. Game Over
A02. Tale
A03. Eastward
A04. Indoor
A05. Cooking
A06. Life In A Pot
A07. Sam
A08. Ni Hao
A09. Weather Talk
A10. Bar
A11. Johnny’s
A12. Ruin
A13. Rust
A14. Relax
A15. Dark
A16. Arrogant
A17. Evil
A18. Village
A19. School
A20. Hurry Up
A21. Silent Mist
A22. Glimmer
A23. Woody Path
A24. Danger
A25. Mysterious
A26. Battle
A27. Happy
A28. Home
A29. Greenberg
A30. Confession
A31. Yamanoue No Machi
A32. Saka No Machi
A33. The Curious Princess
A34. City Night
A35. Second Floor
A36. Sad
A37. Night

B01. Hall
B02. Disaster
B03. Emergency
B04. Underground
B05. Goodtime
B06. Miasma
B07. Strange Quest
B08. Valley Of Junks
B09. Cranky Engine
B10. Industrial
B11. Legacy
B12. Tatari
B13. Departure
B14. Go! Daniel!
B15. Playful
B16. Monkollywood
B17. Another Day
B18. Sentimental
B19. Perilous
B20. Twisted Justice
B21. Stealth
B22. Peak
B23. Black Train
B24. The Duel
B25. To My Knight
B26. Void
B27. Dreamy
B28. Battle Prep
B29. Final Boss
B30. Heretic Frypan
B31. Train
B32. Island Ester
B33. Terminal
B34. Iron Carbine
B35. Salvation
B36. Hurry Up (Early Sketch)
B37. The Duel (Early Sketch)

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