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Final Fantasy I / II / III Piano Opera (Sheet Music - Japanese)


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"PIANO OPERA FINAL FANTASY I / II / III ", an official and perfect matching song collection.

The music of "FINAL FANTASY" 1, 2 and 3 is revived with a gorgeous piano tone.
It is a piano score where you can play a number of masterpieces that are nostalgic but never fade with high-quality piano melodies, just like the piano arrangement supervised by Nobuo Uematsu!

Grade: Advanced

Listed songs

[1] OP1 Prelude ~ Opening Theme [FINAL FANTASY]
[2] OP2 Main Theme [FINAL FANTASY]
[3] OP3 Town Medley [FINAL FANTASY 1/2/3]
[4] OP4 Gulg Volcano [FINAL FANTASY]
[5] OP5 Matoya's Cave [FINAL FANTASY]
[6] OP6 Main Theme [FINAL FANTASY 2]
[7] OP7 Rebel Theme [FINAL FANTASY 2]
[8] OP8 Tower of the Magi [FINAL FANTASY 2]
[9] OP9 Battle Medley [FINAL FANTASY 1/2/3]
[10] OP10 Endless Ocean [FINAL FANTASY 3]
[11] OP11 Cave with Crystal [FINAL FANTASY 3]
[12] OP12 Eternal Wind [FINAL FANTASY 3]
[13] OP13 Last Death Fight [FINAL FANTASY 3]

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