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Piano Collections Final Fantasy VII-XIII Best (Sheet Music - Japanese)


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"Piano Collections Final Fantasy" Best Collection Song Collection where you can enjoy the beautiful music of VII ~ XIII in one book

Introducing the best song collection from VII to XIII in the "Piano Collection" series, which plays the beautiful world of "FINAL FANTASY" on the piano.
A collection of 40 beautiful and dramatic masterpieces, including "Aerith's Theme" (FFVII) and "At Zanarkand" (FFX).

* This product has the same contents as "Piano Solo FINAL FANTASY VII-XIII Piano Collections Best (9784636897142)".


Grade: Advanced
Organization: Piano solo
Listed songs 
[1] Tifa's Theme
[2] F.F.VII Main Theme
[3] In the middle of the trip
[4] Fighters
[5] Aeris Theme
[6] Blue Fields
[7] Eyes On Me
[8] Ami
[9] Fisherman's Horizon
[10] Find Your Way
[11] Eternal Harvest
[12] Where to go home someday
[13] I'm not alone
[14] Rose of May
[15] Melodies Of Life
[16] At Zanarkand
[17] Biside Island
[18] That's nice
[19] Battle
[20] Ending Theme
[21] Yuna's Ballad
[22] Nagi Plain
[23] Zanarkand Ruins
[24] 1000 words
[25] Kuon ~ Memories of Light and Waves ~
[26] The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah
[27] Ronfaure
[28] A New Horizon -Tavnazian Archipelago
[29] The Grand Duchy of Jeuno
[30] The Cosmic Wheel
[31] Opening Movie (FINAL FANTASY XII Theme) ~ Dream for the Sky Thief
[32] East Dalmasca Desert
[33] By the water
[34] Penelo's Theme
[35] Ravanasta Downtown
[36] Lightning's Theme-Flash
[37] FINAL FANTASY XIII ~ Oath ~ --Sunless Mizugo
[38] Vanilla's Theme-Gentle Memories-Homecoming
[39] Fang's Theme

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