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Final Fantasy VIII Piano Collections - Square Enix Books (Sheet Music - Japanese)


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ピアノコレクションズ ファイナルファンタジーVIII

The music of FINAL FANTASY 8 has changed.

We propose here as a new piano masterpiece that transcends the boundaries of game music.

The composer Uematsu said, "When the performance approached PP (Pianissimo) in the latter half of EYES ON ME ... everyone took a breath.
~ The sound that seems to disappear at any moment collapses as soon as you touch it.
As if it were such a delicate model, please enjoy the new impression of the CD with your piano tone and pianistic arrangement.

Track List
  1. Blue Fields
  2. Eyes On Me
  3. Fisherman's Horizon
  5. Ami
  6. Shuffle or Boogie
  7. Find Your Way
  8. The Oath
  9. Silence and Motion
  10. The Castle
  11. The Successor
  12. Ending Theme
  13. Slide Show Part2

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