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Final Fantasy X Piano Collections (Sheet Music - Japanese)


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16 songs that play the beautiful and sad world of FINAL FANTASY X with high-quality piano tones, such as "At Zanarkand"

"Piano Collections FINAL FANTASY X" played the world of "FINAL FANTASY X" from the CD album "Piano Collections" which contains the music of the popular RPG "FINAL FANTASY" in a classical piano arrangement.


This work is a complete matching song collection that allows you to play the sound source of the CD as it is.

Rather than reproducing the sound of the atmosphere in the game and the melody faithful to the original, as in the "Introduction" of the composer Masashi Hamauzu, "The BGM that appeared in FINAL FANTASY X is for piano. It is a collection of songs that are arranged and are often regarded as so-called variations, which are separated from the original songs composed of all kinds of instruments. "

"At Zanarkand", which has a dramatic arrangement that makes you feel a sense of accomplishment when playing as a piano piece, while keeping the structure of the original piece composed only with the piano.
"Beside Island", which draws out another charm at a completely different tempo (quite faster) while making use of the melody of the original song.

By becoming a piano solo, the "backpack theme" that was finished in a simple and cute atmosphere, etc.
You can enjoy the charm of "FINAL FANTASY X", which is popular for its dramatic story and music, from different angles.

Thinking about "respecting the tone, playing style, and possibilities of the piano, and continuing to" play "for a long time," "you can feel the intention and depth of the song while playing it" (Masashi Hamauzu) (From "Introduction"), you will enjoy the pianistic and splendid world.


Listed songs
[1] At Zanarkand
[2] Tidus's Theme / Nobuo Uematsu
[3] Biside Island
[4] Prayer song
[5] Travel Company
[6] Backpack theme
[7] Guadsalam
[8] Thunder Plain
[9] Raid
[10] Road of Purification
[11] It's nice / RIKKI
[12] Yuna's determination
[13] Servants of the Far North
[14] Decisive battle
[15] Ending Theme
[16] Special Presents

Grade Advanced: [1] ~ [9] [11] ~ [16] / Intermediate: [10]


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