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Piano Collections Final Fantasy XV: Moonlit Melodies (Sheet Music - Japanese)


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ピアノ・コレクションズ ファイナルファンタジーXV - 夜に満ちる律べ -

Official sheet music collection matching the CD Piano Collections FINAL FANTASY XV -Ritsube filled with night-

A very popular arrangement series that has gained a lot of support from FINAL FANTASY fans.

Yoko Shimomura, who was in charge of FFXV's music, selected 10 songs for Piano Collections, and two arrangers who reborn the original songs of the orchestra into wonderful piano solo songs: Natsumi Kameoka and Sachiko Miyano A completely supervised book.

With the Japanese title added for the Piano Collections CD, you will be able to further expand the image of the song.

Beginning with a beautiful nostalgic melody that invites you to the story, sometimes gracefully, sometimes intensely passionately ...

Please fully enjoy the world view of FFXV! 

Organization: Piano solo
Grade: Advanced

Track List
  1. Dreaming of the Dawn - Somnus (晦の夜の夢 - Somnus)
  2. Of Bygone Days - Sorrow Without Solace (遠ざかる日々のこと - Sorrow Without Solace)
  3. Waltzing amid Moonbeams - Valse di Fantastica (月華の円舞曲 - Valse di Fantastica)
  4. Illusions of the Morn - Stand Your Ground (曉の幻影 - Stand Your Ground)
  5. Blest Be the Moonlight - Luna (月夜に謳う君 - LUNA)
  6. Drunk on Darkness - Veiled in Black (闇に染む饗宴 - Veiled in Black)
  7. In Celestial Circles - Starlit Waltz (綺羅星円舞曲 - Starlit Waltz)
  8. Serenade Fantastique for Piano - Noctis (ピアノのための幻想的夜曲 - NOCTIS)
  9. Rulings and Revelations - Omnis Lacrima (裁きと啓示 - OMNIS LACRIMA)
  10. Shadows Foretold - Apocalypsis Noctis (漆黒の黙示録 - APOCALYPSIS NOCTIS)

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