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Frozen Starfall – Sommertrip (1xLP Vinyl Record)


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Launched in 2015, Frozen Starfall is a German doujin circle that specializes in electro-house arrangements around touhou. Cumulating more than 20 releases, it is one of the most influential Western doujin circles around.

Their album “Sommertrip” is comprised of summery-themed arrangements inspired by the Touhou video game franchise revolving around one of its key characters, Cirno.
Selphius (a.k.a. Selphy) — a popular German YouTube singer, streamer, and professional voice actress — was the main singer and songwriter for this release, providing characteristically powerful yet soft vocals. She is known for her work as the German voice of Lillia from League of Legends.

Crouka, member of the popular doujin label Eastnewsound, also contributed with a remix of the title song, “Sommertrip“.
Phantoms Records turned this project into a unique vinyl record in close partnership with Frozen Starfall.

All songs were entirely remastered in studio with high-end analog gear, providing a highly-dynamic, rich, crisp signature. Two stampers were used to minimize loss of quality during pressing. Everything was done to ensure you have a truly unique experience with this record!

Release Note

  • Fully remastered for vinyl
  • Pressed on 45RPM, 180g heavy-weight vinyl using two sets of stampers for maximum sound quality
  • “Ocean Dive” color scheme reminescent of the sky meeting the ocean.
  • 350GSM sleeve with high-quality print
  • Numbered on the back
  • Double-sided felt slipmat
  • Polylined inner sleeve and PE protective outer sleeve
Track List

A01. Lovely ?
A02. Sommertrip (feat. Selphius)
A03. Einfach Einfach (Remastered Version feat. Selphius)

B01. Sommertrip (crouka Remix feat. Selphius)
B02. Einfach Einfach (FS Remix feat. Selphius)

Full Credits

FS [Frozen Starfall] –

crouka [FrontierFloor] · Tr. B1 –
FS · Tr. B2

Vocals / Lyrics:
Selphius · Tr. A2, A3, B1, B2 –

Ei_Flow –

Design and Reworked Artwork:
Onali Draws –

Graphics Design and Layout:
Vixen –

Mastered at Martinete Studio

Distributed and Produced by Phantoms Records

Original ?? songs by ZUN [????????]

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