Gone Home (Original Soundtrack) - Chris Remo (1xLP Vinyl Record)


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Chris Remo’s score for Gone Home isn’t just ambiance; it’s a vibrant and flourishing character in itself. The album is a journey – one of loss, love and mystery – that unravels without words.

There is an evocative intimacy to the music, expressed with subtlety and occasional swells of grandeur, while always remaining grounded in the humanity of it all. Over its 32 minute run, you’ll become so lost in its loveliness that when complete, it’ll seem like days have passed. This very special 5th Anniversary vinyl will remind you just why Gone Home is such a historic feat of storytelling in games.

Music by Chris Remo. Lavender dawn vinyl album art by LEIGHTON GRAY, FAITH SCHAFFER and NOËL CLARK

Track List

Side S+

  1. See You Soon
  2. At The House - First Day Of School
  3. Hanging Out With Girls - Dealing With Roots
  4. Default Friend - Ship Date
  5. Stick With The Group
  6. The House, Part 1 (Original)
  7. The Nunnery
  8. A Very Long Phase - Getting Lonnie
  9. Daniel
  10. Just Gone
  11. The House, Part 2 (Original)
  12. Dedication

Side L

  1. Life Moves On
  2. In The Attic
  3. I Said Yes
  4. I'll See You Again
  5. The House Part 1 (In-Game)
  6. The House Part 2 (In-Game)

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