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Gradius: ReBirth - Konami Kukeiha Club (2xLP Vinyl Record)


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Initially released in Japan in 2008 (and not reaching the shores of North America & Europe until the following year), Gradius ReBirth was a welcome return to the side-scrolling shooters of yore, taking advantage of modern programming by featuring smoother scrolling, brighter colors, sharper pixels… and this barnstormer of a soundtrack, which Ship to Shore PhonoCo. are very proud to release on vinyl for the first time.

Viewed as a “video game remix,” Gradius ReBirth took levels from previous entries in the series and renewed them to form a brand new beast for the 21st century. It seemed only fitting for Konami Kukeiha Club (the same team responsible for Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth), to essentially match this ethos for the soundtrack, updating tracks from the original games into what can now be seen as a Gradius remix album.

  • First vinyl release of classic video game
  • Limited Clear LP vinyl variant
  • Remixes of Gradius I, II and III Album Soundtracks
  • New artwork from Ian Wilding
Track List

Side A

1. The Universe of Blackness
2. Odysseus
3. Majesty
4. Historic Soldier
5. The Position Light
6. Heavy Blow
7. Moonspin
8. The Ruin
9. Something Ghostly
10. Extra Stage
11. Departure Again
12. Aircraft Carrier
13. Last Evil
14. Mirage

Side B

2. The Universe of Blackness
3. Odysseus
4. Majesty
5. Historic Soldier
6. The Position Light
7. Heavy Blow
8. Moonspin (Last Exit)

Side C

1. The Ruin
2. Something Ghostly
3. Extra Stage
4. Departure Again
5. Aircraft Carrier
6. Last Evil
7. Mirage

Side D

1. Beginning 
2. ReBirth
3. Memories
4. Epitaph

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