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Guilty Gear (Original Video Game Soundtrack) - Daisuke Ishiwatari (2xLP Vinyl Record)


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In association with Arc System Works, we are proud to present the original soundtrack to Guilty Gear, created and composed by Daisuke Ishiwatari.

All copies sold include the following features:

  • 2xLP 180g vinyl
  • A heavy weight silver board gatefold jacket with red and blue inner flood print
  • Obi strip
  • A 12-page art booklet with interview and liner notes by Daisuke Ishiwatari
  • A bonus 7" flexi disc of the game's sound effects
The repress is available here on the following variant

STS Exclusive Clear with Red/Blue Splatter Vinyl
Track List

  1. Prologue (Shout & Burning)
  2. Keep Yourself Alive (Sol's Theme)
  3. Holy Orders (Be just or be dead) (Ky's Theme)
  4. Black Soul (Zato's Theme)
  5. Unidentified Child (May's Theme)


  1. Suck A Sage (Chipp's Theme)
  2. In Slave's Glory (Potemkin's Theme)
  3. The March Of The Wicked King (Axl's Theme)
  4. Writhe In Pain (Millia's Theme)
  5. Suspicious Cook (Bald's Theme)


  1. Pride And Glory (Kliff's Theme)
  2. A Fixed Idea (Testament's Theme)
  3. Meet Again (Justice's Theme)
  4. Momentary Life (Baiken's Theme)
  5. Conclusion (Sol VS Ky Theme)
  6. Prickle Man (Opening)
  7. Mince (Character Select Screen)


  1. I'm Oldman (Option Screen)
  2. Come On! (Vs Melody)
  3. METAL (Continue)
  4. Death And Republic (Boss Demo)
  5. Deadend (Game Over)
  6. Way (May, Millia & Kliff's Staff Roll)
  7. Play It High (Potemkin, Zato & Bald's Staff Roll)
  8. Love Letter From... (Sol, Ky, Chipp & Axl's Staff Roll)
  9. Epilogue (The Missing Link)

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