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Hajime No Ippo (Best Collection) (2xLP Vinyl Records)


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Published in 1989 in the "Weekly Shônen Magazine", "Hajime no Ippo" by George Morikawa has become over the years a cult sports manga, and remains to this day one of the longest river series, still being published, counting more than 130 volumes. It is only natural that an animated version was born in 2000, produced by Madhouse, under the name of “Hajime no Ippo: The Fighting! of 76 episodes (covering the first thirty volumes of the series). This narrates the beginnings and the rise of a high school student, Ippo Makunouchi, in the world of professional boxing.

Find now a selection of the best anime music with rock and jazz accents with the final destination: The ring!

Three composers worked for this selection: Tsuneo IMAHORI (TRIGUN and GUNGRAVE), Hideki TANIUCHI (in collaboration with Yoshihisa HIRANO on DEATH NOTE) and Naoya MORI.

℗ 2023 Microids Records
Based on the manga "HAJIMENO IPPO" by George Morikawa originally serialized in the weekly Shonen Magazine published by Kodansha Ltd.
©George Morikawa/Kodansha・VAP

Track List

Disc 1

  1. irradiation (instrumental)
  2. in the mirror (instrumental)
  3. Temple of prey (instrumental)
  4. DING-DONG BAND (instrumental)
  5. Inorganic (instrumental)
  6. naked Fang (instrumental)
  7. NIGHTMARE (instrumental)
  8. silent eyes (instrumental)
  9. motherhood (instrumental)
  10. Is It Candy? (instrumental)
  11. Shadow (instrumental)
  12. At Last (instrumental)
  13. Dread (instrumental)
  14. so far (instrumental)
  15. jungle (instrumental)
  16. Under Star (TV Size)/Shocking Lemon
  17. Yuuzora No Kamihikouki (TV Size) / Naoya Mori

Disc 2

  1. Basque Way (instrumental)
  2. black and blue (instrumental)
  3. eyes (instrumental)
  4. speread Ivy (instrumental)
  5. small sun (instrumental)
  6. DYRAD (instrumental)
  7. B.B.B(Big Baby Baby) (instrumental)
  8. VAGABOND (instrumental)
  9. Imprison (instrumental)
  10. TUMBLING DICE (instrumental)
  11. STAND PROUD (instrumental)
  12. ARAYASHIKI (instrumental)
  13. Inner Light (TV Size)/Shocking Lemon
  14. 360°(TV Size)

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